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My Story

Hello good people! My name is Nina Keith, I am married to the love of my life Kenya Keith and we have 4 amazing children. I love spending time with family, spending time with my self and reading because knowledge is power when you apply it. 

One thing that truly excites me is helping new as well as small businesses build their organization for success. I am a graduate of Horry-Georgetown Technical College with an associates in business and a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a BA in Business Management.

After graduating college with honors, my husband and I opened our own Heating and Air Conditioning company. With the help of our community, our business has been very successful. We are now the proud owners of multiple businesses such as Select Start Mobile Gaming; Yawnoc Luxury Limo Services, and Kwik Services Heating & Air. 

I'm going to enjoy helping you start your business the right and legal way.


"Knowledge is power when you apply it."

My Mission

Empowering every small business through the power of knowledge and application.

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